Update Golf Courses and Device Software on an Approach

Garmin Express is software used to download and install the latest golf course maps and software updates for your Garmin Golf Device. The golf course mapping, CourseView, has over 41,000 golf courses worldwide1 and is still growing. Garmin releases new CourseView updates periodically each year. These updates will add new courses and revisions to existing courses as Garmin is notified. New device software is released periodically to enhance device performance. Watch the video below for a brief summary on the update process or refer to the next section in this FAQ for step-by-step instructions.

Updating Golf Courses on a Garmin Approach: 

Course Updates:Provide the latest changes to courses used by your Garmin golf watch or handheld. Course updates contain a lot of information and are very large. Since this information must be first downloaded to your computer, the update process may take up to a hour to complete.
Software Updates: Make changes to the operation of your Garmin golf watch or handheld. Software updates are usually small and take a few minutes to complete

Note: If you are looking for help with Troubleshooting Garmin Express issues, visit the Garmin Express Support Page.

To Update Your Garmin Golf Device with Garmin Express

1.Before updating your device, you will need to have Garmin Express installed on your computer. If you already have Express installed, skip this step.


Connect your Garmin Golf Device to your computer with the appropriate USB Cable.*

*See the Charging the Device section of the owner's manual


Launch Garmin Express

Garmin Express will be launched during the installation process.
If you already had Garmin Express installed, Launch Garmin Express.

Windows: Either double-click the Express icon (pictured) in the system tray (next to your time), double-click the shortcut on the desktop, or search for Garmin Express  in your Start Menu.

Mac: Garmin Express can be found in the Applications folder in Finder.


Select the desired device or click Add a Device and follow the on-screen prompts if your device isn't listed.


Garmin Express will display the available updates.  Click Install All.

Once the update starts, Garmin Express will display the current progress.  You will see an Updates Complete! message when the update is finished.

  • Hint: Hover your mouse cursor over the progress bar, detailed progress information will be shown.

Once completed, eject the device from your computer

 If you are having difficulty with this process, try watching one of the videos or visit the Garmin Express Support Page if you need troubleshooting assistance.

1 Course capacity and coverage may differ for each device; to view course capacity and coverage, visit the product specs page for your Approach series device.

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