Виджет погоды отображает неверную информацию на моем устройстве Garmin

Review each section of this FAQ which addresses the most common issues and questions related to weather information on your Garmin device.

I See One of the Following Messages When Viewing the Weather Widget

  • Widget displays an exclamation icon

  • Weather data is not available

  • Waiting for data

    • This likely means you are located a long distance from the nearest weather station. This results in no weather information being displayed for your current area.

Common Troubleshooting Steps

Try each step below which should resolve most issues described above.

  • Power your Phone and Garmin device off, then back on.

    • May need to be repeated after performing additional troubleshooting suggestions.

  • Confirm the Garmin device is paired and connected to the phone through the Garmin Connect™ app.

  • For GPS capable Garmin devices, start an outdoor activity and briefly step outdoors to acquire GPS signal.

  • For iOS devices, make sure the Garmin Connect app is open and/or running in the background. Force closing the app will result in missing weather data.

Enable Location Permissions

Select an option below to reveal steps on how to enable Location permissions.


  1. Open the Garmin Connect app.

  2. Access the menu by selecting More (bottom right).

  3. Select Settings.

  4. Select Phone Permissions.

  5. Select Manage Permissions.

  6. Select Permissions.

  7. Select Location.

  8. Select Allow all the time.

    • If "Allow all the time" is not an available option, toggle Location On.

    • For optimal results, enable Precise Location if available.

      Android Location Permissions Screen

  9. Power your Android phone off and back on.

  10. Power your Garmin device off and back on. 

  11. Open the Garmin Connect app.

  12. Sync your device.


  1. Open the Settings app on your iOS device.

  2. Select Privacy & Security.

  3. Select Location Services.

  4. Toggle on if needed.

  5. Select the Garmin 'Connect' app.

  6. Ensure Allow Location Access is set to Always.

    • For optimal results, enable Precise Location.

      iOS Location Permission Screen

  7. Power your iOS device off and back on.

  8. Power your Garmin device off and back on. 

  9. Open the Garmin Connect app.

  10. Sync your device.

The Weather Widget Is Showing Old Weather Data or Incorrect Temperatures

Weather data is requested once every 20 minutes at most. Power your phone and Garmin device off and back on. Sync your device to refresh the most up to date weather data. Weather data can appear less accurate than the current temperature if it has not been updated recently. 

The Weather Widget Information Doesn't Match the Weather App on My Smartphone

Weather information displayed on your device is collected from the closest official weather station and may be different than what displays in your weather app on your phone. Local airports will be the most common official weather stations.

Some newer models have a feature that allow you to add weather locations on your watch, you can find steps and compatible devices in:  How Do I Add Weather Locations to My Garmin Wearable.

For older models you can manually set a fixed location for the weather in the Garmin Connect app. If you have a device that is compatible with this feature you can set a fixed location by following the steps below. 

NOTE: You will not see this option in your User Settings if you do not have a device compatible with this feature. 

  1. Open the Garmin Connect app.

  2. Select More in the bottom right.

  3. Select Settings.

  4. Select User Settings.

  5. Select Weather Location.

  6. Select Use Fixed Location.

  7. Select Fixed Location.

  8. Drop the pin on the map in the desired location.

  9. Select Set Location.

This screen will then show your set location and tell you which of your paired devices the feature will be applied to. 

How Does Weather Information Work With Connect IQ™ Apps?

Connect IQ developers create unique applications that can be loaded to your device to view various weather information. How this information is obtained and configured will vary by app and developer. Questions about data or configuration of the app would need to be directed to the developer of the app.

How Do I Change the Weather Metrics?

Some models will require you to change temperature metrics in the Garmin Connect app only and some models will need you to update Metrics in the app as well as on the Garmin device. For specific details refer to your owner's manual.

Garmin Connect App Settings:

  1. Open the Garmin Connect app.

  2. Access the menu by selecting More (bottom right).

  3. Select Settings.

  4. Select User Settings.

  5. Select Measurement Units.

  6. Set to Statute, Metric, or Statute UK.

  7. Sync your device.

Garmin Connect Watch Settings:

For select models you can change the unit of measure in the Garmin Connect app. For specific details see your owner's manual.

  1. Open the Garmin Connect app.

  2. Access the menu by selecting More ( bottom right).

  3. Select Garmin Devices.

  4. Select your model.

  5. Select General, Device Settings, or System.

  6. Select Format.

  7. Set your Measurement Units.

Device Unit Settings:

Steps may vary based on model. See your owner's manual for specific steps.

  1. Access the menu on your device.

  2. Select Gear with eight spokes Settings.

  3. Select System

  4. Select Units.

  5. Select Temperature.

  6. Select Fahrenheit or Celsius.

  7. Sync your device.

Weather Glance Options:

Steps will not be available for all models. For details see your owner's manual.

  1. Navigate to the Weather Glance on your Watch.

  2. Select the Weather Glance.

  3. Press and hold the menu button (will vary by model)

  4. Select Weather Options.

  5. Update Current Location, Temperature units, and Pressure units.

Widget Gallery 

NOTE: Air Quality data will display on compatible devices that are located in the continental United States. Outside of the U.S., Air Quality data may not be available.Weather Widget Screen Examples

High and Low Temperatures on the Weather Widget Glance

The weather widget's current temperature screen includes a forecasted high and low temperature for the day. 

  • High Temperature: provides a daytime time high for the hours between 6am - 6pm.

  • Low Temperature: provides an overnight low for the hours between 6pm - 6am for the following morning.

NOTE: The weather widget screen will vary between models

High Low Weather Temperatures Screenshot

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